Ways to Help

Here we list different ways to help the rehabilitation of wounded warriors from Ukraine. 

Effortless Contributions by Amazon

Amazon Prime members can participate in a program called Amazon Smiles. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the sales to the charity of your choice. Just register and use it. Please find the registration instructions here.

Connections in Medical Field

We continuously search for connections in the medical field to start the negotiation process with the hospitals. If you know someone, who might advocate or relate to our cause, please send us an email at revivedsoldiersukraine@gmail.com  or contact through Facebook. Let's get in touch.

Matching Donations by Employer

There are many companies who match the donations of their employees. If you work for one of such companies, your $50 donation can turn into $100 for us. Just check if your employer is in the list by following this link to Wikimedia Foundation. There are also instructions for each eployeer.

Monetary Donations

Revived Soldiers Ukraine negotiates the price of medical procedures and rehabilitation with hospitals. Some of the heroes are funded by Ukrainian government and international non-governmental organizations. However, most of the expenses are still being covered by people and it is quite possible that someone's life or wellbeing is now in your hands. We cap our administrative expenses at 10% of the total sum of donations. All donations are tax deductible. To request a tax form just send us an email at revivedsoldiersukraine@gmail.com