Our Work

Our Work

We are coordinating unique opportunities for rare and complicated cases of rehabiliation for Ukrainian army soldiers. In most cases, our work is the only chance for these brave people. Please donate via Paypal and review more Ways to Help here

2017 and 2016 Report

Revived Soldiers Ukraine helped wounded soldiers in the US 2017- $159,989

  • Oleksandr Ponomarev ($15,136 Los Angeles paralyzed waist down)
  • Melnyk Andrii ($10,265 Los Angeles paralyzed waist down)
  • Kropyva Vasyl ($20,505 Houston blind-eye surgery)
  • Medved Dmytro ($26,595 Los Angeles now paralyzed waist down)
  • Oleksandr Pivniev ($11,417 Detroit deep leg amputation)
  • Valerii Vashchuk ($1,651 Orlando orthopedic leg injury)
  • Lialia Mykhailo ($12,404 Los Angeles paralyzed waist down)
  • Havrylchak Roman ($5,287 Chicago paralyzed waist down)
  • Yevhen Redka ($4,060 Philadelphia blind-eye surgery, plastic facial surgery, leg surgery)
  • Volodymyr Bobyk ($13,216  Los Angeles now paralyzed waist down)
  • Dmytro Kotov ( $15,222 Detroit both leg amputees)

Soldiers we helped in Ukraine 2017

  • Yurii Kobernyk (1,075 Head metal plate)   
  • Yurii Omeluh($300 paralyzed waist down, Lviv)                          
  • Stas Antropov (1,200 Medication)               
  • Ihor Dacunov ($500 paralyzed waist down)
  • Yulian Tsyhanko ($3,845 Vienna Hospital Cost)
  • Morozov Oleksandr($800 knee+elbow)
  • Zviad Maysuradze ($3,000 Endo prosth. knee joint)
  • Kashytsya Ryslan($500 leg amputee)
  • Evhen Ladjanov ($721 Arm Metal Plate)                   
  • Ryzjynskyi Taras($100 orthopedic)
  • Posykhovsky Andrii ( $1,100 Pelvic Bone Injury)      
  • Galych Andrii ($300 Arm wound)
  • Tarasovych Olha ($140 leg amputation)                                    
  • Mykhailo Getman ($200 Eye and head injury)
  • Bilan Serhii ($9,750 Leg and arm amputation)
  • Tsymbalyk Viktor ($200 Arm and leg injury)
  • Chypryk Ihor ($100 Leg amputation)
  • Lanoha Andrii ($100 Leg amputation)
  • Valerii Marenych ($300 Paralyzed from neck down in Lviv Army Hospital)

Rehabilitation Equipment we bought in 2017: $20,841

  • Mechanic Sears: $5,000
  • Rehabilitation Unit MOTOmed: $6,311
  • Sealing Hoist GH-1 Complete with rail system and active sling $4,461
  • Rehabilitation Cage with full equipment for Rehab Center in Kirovograd $4,979      

Revived Soldiers Ukraine helped or helping in the US 2016 -  $57,129

  • Andrii Usach($1,100) Detroit Reconstructive facial surgery
  • Ihor Petruk ($600) Chicago orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Andrii Myzychenko ($600)Chicago orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Kostyantyn Klepach ($2,100)Boston elbow surgery
  • Vitalii Halitsyn ($3,014) Philadelphia now blind-eye surgery
  • Oleksandr Petrakivskiy ($1,092) Huston neuro rehabilitation
  • Mykhailo Bereha ($16,000)Los Angeles paralyzed waist down
  • Volodymyr Viniarsky ($16,000)Los Angeles paralyzed waist down
  • Oleksandr Darmoroz ($823)Detroit now blind, reconstructive facial surgery, leg amputation)
  • Roman Lutsiuk (Ukrainian Hromada in CT)
  • Rustam Rosul ($1,800)Los Angeles
  • Serhii Titarenko ($1,800)Los Angeles
  • Leonid Khmelkov ($1380 Currently in Chicago)

In Ukraine 2016:

  • Andrii Salnyk($2,445 knee joint)
  • Stas Antropov($900 medications)
  • Vitalii Paladii($720 medications)
  • Olga Yurina($2,600 Radio Therapy)
  • Kateryna Filimonova($400 burn unit antibiotics)
  • Oleh Fedorchyk($1,045 Hospitalization in Israel)
  • Andrii Tutov (2,035 Ear Implant)
  • Andrii Dmitrienko($1,045 Ortho Rehabilitation in Czech Republic)

Recent and Ongoing                                                                                                                                                                 

Volodymyr Kovalskyi is a 34 years old Ukrainian Army sergeant mechanic – engineer, served at the 14th platoon (based in Volodymyr-Volynskyi). As of March 2015 served in the East of Ukraine up until received a mine explosion wounds on March 15th, 2016 when Volodymyr’s group went on reconnaissance run into pro Russian occupied territory. Volodymyr was evacuated to hospital in Volnovaha and went through traumatic amputation of both lower limbs. Went from Dnipropetrovs’k Hospital to Kyiv Army Hospital. After receiving first prosthetics in Ukraine, Volodymyr started to train and compete at varies competition for people with disabilities such as “Games of the Heroes” and “Power of the Nation”. Volodymyr is originally from Kahovka, Kherson region and has a 10-month-old baby.  

By Volodymyr’s request, RSU is helping the soldier to receive two prosthetic legs with complicated shape for cultivator due to complicated amputations. Volodymyr is going to Orlando FL for the treatment and rehabilitation with the new prosthetic legs at Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates. The cost RSU has to cover is $7,000 for both legs. 

Ruslan Yarysh

We would like to introduce Ruslan Yarysh , a paralyzed waist down Ukrainian soldier, who needs our help and assistance. Every day we continue to receive new requests to help wounded Ukrainian soldiers. Ruslan is from Mykolaiv region. He is married and has 8 years old daughter

Ruslan Yarysh is a 27 years old Ukrainian soldier, who was paralyzed from the waist down from wounds he received, while fighting in the ATO zone with the 79th Brigade. Ruslan served in Ukrainian army since 2011 by contract and first he served in the assaulting brigade and later got into reconnaissance unit. With developing conflict in the east of Ukraine in March 2014th, Ruslan was guarding south of Ukraine, border with Crimea and later his unit went to the East of Ukraine. On June 19th , 2014 nearby the village of Yampol, Ruslan was shoot down by a sniper when Ukrainian forces went forward to cover 25th brigade that got severe losses to pro Russian militia. Ruslan was sitting on top of military vehicle when the bullet crashed his scapula, went through his lung and damaged spinal cord as well as exploded just above the soldier. Ruslan was evacuated immediately and went into coma for 3 days in Kharkiv Army Hospital. Then the soldier has spent 13 days in intensive care unit and a half of a year in other spine cord and military hospitals. Ruslan is dreaming to get back on his feet and requested help from Revived soldiers Ukraine for a long term rehabilitation in Los Angeles at Next Step, which treats people with serious injuries of the central nervous system. The monthly costs of therapy, room and board cost us $2,500. We would like to give a chance to Ruslan to rehabilitate in the most advance spinal cord recovery institution in the US. 

Ruslan Yrush Video

Ruslan Yrysh Video

Evhen Redka

Evhen Redka is a 28 year old Ukrainian soldier from the 56th Brigade. On June 6, 2017, near the village of Gnytovo in the Eastern Ukraine, he was clearing a road ahead of an army column, when a mine exploded next to him. Evhen was seriously wounded. He lost an eye, an arm, and had other injuries. Through generous volunteers and donations he has already received a prosthetic arm.

RSU is helping to save his right eye with a cornea transplant, which is not available in Ukraine. At the Wills Eye Hospital Evhen has received a cost free cornea transplant surgery on his right eye. We are also looking to provide Evhen with needed plastic surgery, foot surgery, dental reconstructive work and therapy. 

Dmytro Medved

Dmytro Medved is a 33-year-old Ukrainian Army Captain, the commander of air defense missile platoon of 95th Airmobile Brigade, city Zhitomyr. He served in Ukrainian army since 2000 and retired from serving Ukraine on December 2007. Dmytro had to go back on March 2014 and serve as part of the mobile group of the Lugansk boarder detachment. When Russian occupied Crimea and threaten the war in the East of Ukraine Dmytro went straight to the war zone. The soldier served in hot spots such as: near by checkpoint Dovjanskiy, village Herasymovka, city Schastie, village Trehizbenka. Dmytro got severely wounded his spinal cord on Th 11,12 and L1,2,3 in firefight with pro Russian enemy in March 2015.Right after Dmytro got wounded first surgery on his spine he received in city Starobelsk and after was transported by helicopter into intense care unit to Kharkiv Army Hospital and spend there one and a half month. Then Dmytro spend one additional month in trauma unit. Then he started slowly rehabilitate and learn how to sit again and balance his body in sitting position. As of right now Dmytro works at Kharkiv Institute of prosthetics as an adaptation coach. Dmytro is continuing on rehabilitating himself and actively trying verity of sports programs. Because of lack of modern and advance rehabilitation in Ukraine for paralyzed/wounded soldiers, Revived Soldiers Ukraine would like to give Dmytro the opportunity to receive help at the “Next Step” Center for Paralyzed in Los Angeles. The rehabilitation will help Dmytro to restore sensitivity in his legs and hopefully he will learn how to walk again. Dmytro has arrived in April 2017 and we continue on raising funds to pay for rehabilitation at Next Step cost $1,375 plus room and board additional $1,000. Dmytro is successfully rehabilitating and training in Tennis with West Coast Tennis Association for paralyzed

Previously coordinated medical treatments

Volodymyr Bobyk  

Sergeant Bobik is a 41 year old Ukrainian soldier, who was paralyzed from the waist down from wounds he received, while fighting in the ATO zone with the 95th Brigade. Volodymer was in command of a mortar platoon and actually prepared and fired the weapon in combat actions at Avdiivka, Tarasivka, Slavyansk and the Chornogor border, where was severely wounded in the neck, lungs and the spinal cord. He was treated at Genichesk Hospital and Odesa Army Hospital and is now rehabilitating to try to get back on his feet. Slowly the feeling is returning to the lower part of his body and he can move the toes on his left foot. We gave Volodymyr an opportunity to rehabilitate for five months at Next Step Rehabilitation Center in Los Angeles, which treats people with serious injuries of the central nervous system. The monthly cost of therapy, room and board is $2,500. Volodymyr in LA for two month now and got some impressive results. We would like to ask you to consider supporting Volodymyr in his rehabilitation journey in the US. 

Dmytro Kotov

Dmytro Kotov is a 41 year old Ukrainian Army sergeant from the 25th platoon Kyivska Rus’. On June 2nd 2016 near village Troitske in the East of Ukraine Dmytro received complicated mine wounds when they reached the grey zone (the territory that separated Ukrainian army and pro Russian forces) on one of their mission trips. Dmytro lost one leg immediately and second leg was amputated in the army hospital in addition to serious contusion. Dmytro received 27 surgical involvements while at a field hospital and Kyiv Army Hospital. Hew is slowly learning to walk on training prosthetic legs and will participate at the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC in 10,000m race.

RSU is helping Dmytro to receive two prosthetic legs with complicated shape for cultivator due to complicated amputations. Dmytro is going to Warren, MI for the treatment and rehabilitation with the new prosthetic legs. The approximate cost is $5,000-$7,000 per leg. 

Leonid Khmelkov

Leonid Khmelkov was serving as a part of the 95th platoon airmobile brigade on position “driver of passenger war car”. He was serving in the Ukrainian Military in the East of Ukraine conflict zone from October 22nd, 2014. During his service near Doneck Airport on January 22, 2015 Leonid got severely wounded of left hip after a tank mine explosion. His condition was too complicated for the Ukrainian Military medical hospitals to treat. Leonid went to Germany where he received an artificial hip joint. Due to severe infection inside of the joint, German’s doctors were unable to provide Leonid with the permanent prosthetic of his left hip joint and left it open. After almost two years living in pain, Leonid reached out to Revived Soldiers Ukraine and asked for help to save his leg that was in danger for amputation. Thanks to Fr. Mykola Buryadnyk’s efforts we could place Leonid to the Swedish Hospital in Chicago where works an amazing Ukrainian-American doctor Dzweniyk. Leonid had several pain blockades and was operated on May 10th 2017 when he received a new hip joint. US medicine saved Leonid’s leg from amputation. For several more months Leonid will have to be on antibiotics to completely kill the infection and then receive another and final surgery on his hip.  

Serhii Titarenko

 A 31 year old officer in the Ukrainian Air Force, Serhii served with the UN peacekeeping operations in Iraq and Congo (Africa) before being called back to fight pro-Russian forces in the eastern Ukraine. On June 2, 2015, Serhii and another pilot were on a combat mission, when their helicopter was shot down by a rocket.  Both men suffered severe spine and internal  injuries in the crash. Serhii was paralyzed and had to be dragged by his co-pilot from the burning helicopter moments before it exploded.  He was evacuated to Kharkiv Army Hospital, and later to Kiev Army Hospital.  Serhii was among 20 Ukrainian soldiers flown to Germany for cost-free medical treatment. After operating on his spine, German doctors predicted that Serhii would have to spend the rest of his life in bed. However, because of his wife’s care and support, Serhii slowly started to raise himself up and began sitting in a wheelchair. A few months ago, his wife died from cancer and left a one and a half year old son. Due to the efforts of volunteers in the Ukraine, Revived Soldiers Ukraine and Ukrainian-Americans in California, Serhii was admitted to Next Step in Los Angeles, CA, for one year of intensive outpatient rehabilitation to help restore lower body functions. After six months of rehab he was able to regain the use of some muscles, sit on a stool without help and use the bathroom on his own. The outlook for further improvement over the next six months is favorable. A special thanks goes to a very hospitable Ukrainian-American pan Orest, who hosted Serhii during his one year long rehabilitation at Next Step in the U.S. 

Rustam Rosul

Rustam was a guard on the Ukrainian-Russian border, which was constantly under attack by pro-Russian forces. On October 10, 2014, while fighting the enemy near Volnovaha, he and most of the guards in his unit were wounded. He was hit by several bullets that injured his vital organs and spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed. After coming out of a two-week coma at the Dnepropetrivsk Army Hospital and getting treatment at the Border Guard Patrol Hospital in Kiev and the Lviv Rehabilitation Center, he was admitted to Next Step, an advanced rehab center for the paralyzed in Los Angeles, CA, where he is making dramatic progress. He is able to stand with minimum support and to take steps using a walker. We are hoping that after another six months of rehab he will be able to walk with minimum support and get back to a reasonable lifestyle. Rehabilitation for Rustam was funded by Ukrainian-Americans in California and other parts of the U.S.  The Ukrainian singer, Anuchka, has raised funds for Rustam and other wounded Ukrainian soldiers needing medical care and rehabilitation.  Special thanks goes to a very gracious Ukrainian-American pan Orest, who hosted Rustam during his one year long outpatient treatment at Next Step Rehab Center. 

Roman Lutsiuk

Roman is a 38 years old soldier, who served with a voluntary platoon that fought in the Ukrainian Revolution of 2013-2014 against the previous corrupt government. He was severely wounded in the abdomen during combat action in the Luhansk Region.  After emergency surgery at a field hospital, he was transferred to army hospitals in Kharkiv and Kiev. In January 2015, thanks to Ukrainian-American doctor, Alla Vash, we were able to place Roman at Yale university Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut., where he has been recuperating from extensive surgery for the past year. Please pray for Roman as he fights for his life. He has two wonderful daughters that visited him in the U.S., and an amazing wife that spends all her time by Roman’s bed. We have to thank to Ukrainian Federation of America to sponsoring the travel and Visa cost for Roman Lutsiuk and Ukrainian Catholic Church in New Haven for providing room and board for Roman and his family as well as the Ukrainians who visited and helped Roman. UPDATE: Unfortunately after a long 16 month battle after the injury, which were 14 month at Yale Hospital, Roman passed away on march 19th 2016.

Petruk Ihor  

Petruk severely wounded by a mine explosion and gun fire, while serving with the voluntary platoon “Kyiv Rys” near Yglegorsk in February 2015, Ihor was presented the Award for Courage by Ukrainian President Poroshenko, while in his bed at the Kiev Army Hospital. The city of Yglegosrk now flies the Ukrainian flag because of his unit’s heroic performance.  Ihor received severe wounds to both arms and legs. In the same battle, Ihor lost a friend, who shielded him with his own body. Ihor needs surgery to stabilize his legs and arms. Just recently he was able to get out of a wheelchair and take a few steps with crutches.  In March 2015, he went to Germany for surgery and treatment. Ihor was rehabilitating in Chicago for 6 month from April until November 2016. 

Andrii Myzuchenko

Andrii was a 37-year-old soldier with the 93rd platoon, who had seen action at some of the war’s hottest spots in Eastern Ukraine, including Piski, Opytne and Doneck Airport. On June 12, 2015, his fighting vehicle detonated a mine near Opytne in the Doneck region.  He was the only survivor. The blast left him with a fractured spine in five places, fractured ribs and sternum, and shrapnel fragments over much of his body. Andrii belongs to a Ukrainian community that follows practices of the   Native American culture and crafts.  He is the only one in the Ukraine that knows the complicated technique of creating Huichol tribal beaded patterns on pictures, handbags, shoes, and statues, which he does every day to earn money for rehabilitation. Andrii underwent rehabilitation in Chicago for four month from April until July 2016. 

Roman Havrylchak

Roman Havrylchak is 32 yers old Ukrainian paralyzed officer who graduated Military National University im. Sagaidachnoho with degree: officer – tactical level and mechanical engeeneer. From 2006 to 2011 was depututy commander of the tank platoon. In 2011 Roman left the Ukrainian military forces and rejoined in 2013 by signing a 5 years contract with 24th detached mechanized brigade in city Yavoriv, Lviv region. Roman served into hot spots in the East of Ukraine such as city Artemivsk, Lygansk region, city Schastie where he reiforced and covered the approaches to the city. After was city Lysychansk where Roman and his brigade were covered and held unit post #29th and #32nd and as well as unit post “Krymske”. On February 10th, Roman left to defend Sector D-city Debeltcevo to help 30th and 72nd brigade where Roman’s platoon (located at the village Logvynove) was covering withdrawal of the Ukrainian troops from city Debaltceve.  Roman got wounded his spine when shell got into his army car. That happened when Ukrainian troops were trying to take village Logvinove but forced to retreat to village Luhanskoe due to Russian tanks attack. Roman does npt remember anything, how long he was unconties and who brought him to the field hospital. On February 13th he was delivered by helicvopter to hospital in Dnipropetrovsk im. Mechnikova where he received surgery on extracting the small peaces of his spine and after was transported to the Kiev Army Hospitral. The diagnisis was crary, broken spine in T5,T6,T7 and copleete paralyzsis on lower body. Broken boned of left arm, broken ribs, concusion, lungs damage. For the first 2 month the doctors were not giving any verdicts on further surgeries and after by initiative of civil doctors from Institute of neurodurgery in Kiev, where Roman received 8 hour long surgery on his spine. After, Roman was transported to Lviv Army hopsital and reliased home on September 2015. Since Roman and his family is trying to find ways for proper and functional rehabilitation. The center for paralyzed Next Steps Chicago is offering what exactly Roman need. We are asking our donirs and supporters to help us cover Roman’s 6 month rehabilitation in Chicago that cost $3,400 a month as well as assist Roman and his mom with much needed every day expences.  

Mykhailo Lialia

Mykhailo Lialia is a Ukrainian paralyzed soldier who got severely wounded on February 12th 2015 in the East of Ukraine in heavy fight near city Debaltcevo.  Mykhailo got a spinal cord injury and was operated at the Institute of Neuro Surgery in Kyiv. The wound left young soldier paralyzed waist down. He was getting motivated to participate in Paralympics sports in rowing and potentially represent Ukraine one day at the Invictus Games. We, Revived Soldiers Ukraine, together with our donors would like to give an opportunity to Mykhailo to come to the US and rehabilitation at one of the best outpatient facilities for paralyzed Next Step in Redondo Beach near Los Angeles. Every month to support Mykhailo’s rehabilitation as well as room and board cost us $ 2,500. Mykhailo is training in tennis together with Dmytro Medved at West Coast Tennis Association and participates in basketball. Mykhailo has arrived in May 2017th.

Oleksandr Pivniev

Oleksandr is a 20-year-old Ukrainian Army soldier who ins 2015 signed a contract to serve with the 53rd Separate Mechanized Brigade as an antiaircraft gunner and was sent to serve in the conflict zone in Eastern of Ukraine right the way. On the eve of July 3rd, 2016, Oleksandr was severly wounded after being under heavy artillery fire near the city of Toreck, in the Doneck region. He was rushed to the nearest hospital where doctors had to amputate right leg because it was completely crushed. On the night of July 4th, Oleksandr was medevacked to Kharkiv Army Hospital where spent a week in ICU, during this time his heart stopped 4 times, once he was stabilized he was transferred to the trauma center and then to the purulent surgery unit. Because Oleksandr’s condition was still complicated, doctors fought to save this young man’s (19 years old at the time) left leg. Overall Oleksandr went through 11 surgeries at the Kharkiv Army Hospital.  We are looking to help Oleksandr here in US and looking to find a technician and prosthetic company that can give Oleksandr a high-end prosthetic leg.  Oleksandr is very young and without help he would have to live without one leg for the rest of his life. Revived Soldiers Ukraine together with the Ukrainian Americans in the Detroit community would like give the soldier the best support and rehabilitation available out there, including moral support. Oleksandr has received a prosthetic leg from company Binson’s in Warren, MI that we covered $9,000 for. Now Oleksandr is learning to walk with prosthetic leg and rehabilitating his wounded second leg. Oleksandr Pivniev received a new prosthetic leg from the company Binson's in Detroit

Mykhailo Bereha

Mykhailo Bereha is a paralyzed Ukrainian soldier from the 40th platoon that severely wounded his legs, arms and spinal cord near the city of Debaltcevo on December 7th, 2015th.  A shrapnel wound left the 24 years old man paralyzed from the waist down.  His life was turned upside down.  Hospitals, surgeries, painkillers and therapy is his new routine. Myhailo spend his 23rd birthday in a wheelchair. Unfortunately the rehabilitation that Myhailo received in Ukraine was not helping him and he required more advance rehabilitation.   Next Step in Redondo Beach is already helping several Ukrainian soldiers and has agreed to admit Myhailo. Myhailo is one of 5 children from the village of Stepove, in the Cherkassy region.   Myhailo has an older brother serving in the East of Ukraine as well. Mykhailo arrived to Los Angeles on June 10th for 6 month rehabilitation at the Next Step and has improved, the feeling slowly started to come back to his legs follows by spasms. Mykhailo was rehabilitating at the Next Step for 6 month from June through November 2016. Got tremendous results, toned muscles, strengthen his core and back. Mykhailo got motivated to do participate in sports such as swimming. He learned a lot from the specialist at Next Step and continue on with his training at home in Ukraine. 


Volodymyr Hera

Volodymyr Hera is a 25-year-old officer who sustained severe spinal injuries during the battle for Luhansk Airport in the eastern Ukraine on August 31, 2014. Although severely wounded, he continued to fight. His brave actions helped save the lives of 300 soldiers. His own life was saved by a fellow soldier, Roman Shevchuk, who (while also wounded) dragged Volodymyr to safety. Volodymer was evacuated to the Kharkiv Army hospital, then Kiev Army Hospital and the Neurosurgery Institute in Kiev. The Ukrainian Consul in Germany arranged for cost-free travel and life-saving surgery for Volodymer at a hospital in Dresden. From there, he was moved to a rehabilitation center.  Revived Soldiers Ukraine (RSU) arranged for Volodymer to travel to Miami University Hospital for a consultation with one of the leading neurosurgeons in the U.S. He then went to Phoenix, Arizona for six-month of rehabilitation, where he learned to stand. Then Volodymer went to Next Steps Chicago, an advanced rehab center for paralyzed patients, where they worked on helping Volodymer to walk again. We thank St. Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church in Chicago and the Ukrainian-American Community for taking care of his housing and daily subsistence. 

Volodymyr Viniarsky

Volodymyr Viniarsky is a 24 year old, paralyzed Ukrainian soldier that was one of the first that went to support the revolution in the winter of 2013-2014 on Maydan.  He was also one of the first to joined the National Guard forces.  Volodymer was wounded near Luhansk after he was shot by a sniper and was left paralyzed from the waist down.  As of June 2014, Volodymer was the most severely wounded Ukrainian soldier and was transported to Israel for spinal surgery and rehabilitation.  Ukrainians managed to raise $100,000 for Volodymyr’s medical expenses in Israel.  Volodymer has a chance to walk again and was recommended to Revived Soldiers Ukraine by a Ukrainian neurosurgeon for rehabilitation at the Next Step in Los Angeles where he arrived on June 10th and has already some physical improvements. Volodymyr is from the Mijenci, Lviv region, where he served at a local church for 7 years. Volodymyr was rehabilitating at Next Step in Los Angeles for six month from June through November 2016th. Volodymyr got muscles back partialy and got involved with basketball. He continue with his rehabilitation for paralyzed at Lviv rehabilitation Hospital. 

Andrii Melnyk 

Andrii Melnyk served as a part of 80th brigade, he voluntary went to the East of Ukraine to defend Ukrainian territory and served in village Pisky.  He went through hardship fights at the Doneck Airport where Andrii lost almost half of his war friends and some got missing. The conditions that soldiers were fighting was extremely hard, they could sleep two hours at a time rotating with limited amount of food. The Ukrainian army officer shot Andrii after he got out from Doneck Airport. It happened right outside of the Doneck Airport at a near by war zone village, when the office thought that Andrii was a pro Russian separatist. The bullet left Andrii paralyzed waist down. RSU brought Andrii to Next Step rehabilitation in Los Angeles in the end of November 2016. Due to complications with his bedsores that opened up while Andrii’s travel, he was unable to stay for 6 month and had to return back to Ukraine for medical involvement after 2 month of rehabilitation. 

Oleksandr Ponomarev 

Oleksandr Ponomarev  is a 34-year-old Ukrainian Army paratrooper who served in the 79th Mykuholaiv Brigade.  On June 30th 2014 while in the Doneck region, Oleksandr’s reconnaissance team was ambushed and in the midst of the battle, a sniper shot him.  The bullet damaged organs, ribs, and his spinal cord and left Oleksandr paralyzed from the waist down. His platoon mates carried him off the battlefield and he was evacuated to the Kharkiv Army Hospital. Oleksandr remained unconscious for 3 days and opened his eyes when his, at that time, future wife, Elena, walked into the Intensive Care Unit to see him.  Shortly there after Oleksandr was transferred to the Kyiv Army Hospital, where, while still in the hospital bed, he and Elena got married. In August of 2014 Oleksandr went to Israel for a 6-month rehabilitation session that helped him learn how to sit again. Because of a lack of proper rehabilitation in Ukraine for paralyzed/wounded soldiers, Revived Soldiers Ukraine would like to give Oleksandr the opportunity to receive help at the “Next Step” Center for Paralyzed in Los Angeles. The rehabilitation has helped Oleksandr restore sensitivity in his legs while he trained for 5 month at Next Step in Los Angeles from December 2016 through April 2017th

Vitalii Halitsyn

Vitalii Halitsyn: is a Ukrainian Army Colonel, who was severely wounded in the abdomen and both eyes, due to a mine explosion in Eastern Ukraine in August 2014. The incident happened when a Pro-Russian diversion group came close to the Ukrainian positions in the nearby city of Mariupol. In that attack Vitalii lost two of his best friends, both officers. Prior the war in the East of Ukraine, Vitalii served in the Ukrainian Army as a combat engineer (sapper) for many years. He went on a special mission in Iraq called “Iraqi Freedom” and worked alongside other servicemen from all over the world. Vitalii is an expert in disarming explosive devices, and went to Eastern Ukraine voluntarily after retiring from the Armed Forces in 2010. He believed that his knowledge would be of great need to defend his nation and its people from Russian occupation.  On August 26th Vitalii was wounded in the abdomen and nearly lost his sight in both eyes. He received medical treatment in Germany where doctors operated on one eye and had to surgically remove the other; over time Vitalii started losing what little vision he had left. Revived Soldiers Ukraine is bringing Vitalii for a consultation at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, but thanks to the Ukrainian American doctor Boyko Vitalii received an eye surgery at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia for cornea transplantation on January 2017th. Vitalii remains blind despite our efforts and will return to the US in July 2017th for consultation with his eye doctor and rehabilitation for blind. Ogyrkivskiy Roman had 85% body burns in Bridgeport Hospital Connecticut.