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Revived Soldiers Ukraine (RSU) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing aid to the people of Ukraine so that they may fulfill fundamental rights and freedoms such as right to life, right to appropriate and affordable medical care, freedom of belief and freedom for an adequate standard of living.

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In partnership with the global community Revived Soldiers Ukraine works to promote awareness as to human rights and freedoms while delivering humanitarian aid to those in need.

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Oleksandr Pivniev

Oleksandr is a 20-year-old Ukrainian Army soldier who in 2015 signed a contract to serve with the 53rd Separate Mechanized Brigade as an antiaircraft gunner and was sent to serve in the conflict zone in Eastern of Ukraine right the way. On the eve of July 3rd, 2016, Oleksandr was severly wounded after being under heavy artillery fire near the city of Toreck, in the Doneck region. He was rushed to the nearest hospital where doctors had to amputate right leg because it was completely crushed.
On the night of July 4th, Oleksandr was transported to Kharkiv Army Hospital where spent a week in ICU, during this time his heart stopped 4 times, once he was stabilized he was transferred to the trauma center and then to the purulent surgery unit. 
Overall Oleksandr went through 11 surgeries at the Kharkiv Army Hospital. 
We are looking to help Oleksandr here in US and looking to find a technician and prosthetic company that can give Oleksandr a high-end prosthetic leg. Oleksandr has received a prosthetic leg from company Binson’s in Warren, MI that we covered $9,000 for. Now Oleksandr is learning to walk with prosthetic leg and rehabilitating his wounded second leg.

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